Over 90% of our clientele come from the recommendation of a past client, associate or real estate broker and it’s this base of support that is the cornerstone for our success. And the bases of those recommendations come from our turn-key, cradle to college approach on every project we are involved with.

From the first meeting where we discuss a client’s upcoming project from a macro (or as we call it “the view from 30,000 feet”), it is our specific role to provide guidance and brutal honesty on every element given our 24 years in business. Whether or not we are the right fit for their project makes no difference- our number 1 job is to guide.

  • Guiding clients through what is reasonable in their budget- and what is not- never “yessing them”.
  • Guiding them on what real timing is for their specific project – not providing make-believe scheduling.
  • Guiding clients through the building permit and (in NYC projects), the building submission, alteration agreement and review process.
  • Guiding clients to avoid the pitfalls of a renovation through offering a turn-key, cohesive, and one stop approach to their project.

Guiding them with brutal and unwavering honestly at every turn.

The guidance from these initial meetings is carried through the entire design and specification process:

  • Why one might install a Sub Zero vs a GE Monogram when resale is a priority.
  • Why to use a split system Central HVAC system or perhaps digitally controlled through the wall HVAC units in their project and the associated impact on the architecture of the project as it relates to duct-work, ceiling heights, and efficiency.
  • Why a piece of mill-work made with a solid walnut drawer box and mortised hinges on 1” frames and doors is a superior approach to their mill-work and why it is not cost prohibitive in a high end resolution.
  • Why a Sonos music system is worth every penny and how it does for thousands what used to cost $100,000 only a few years ago.
  • And why white marble is spectacular in some applications and a total disaster in others.

In this detailed guidance on every detail, that is our role- because we have that level of expertise to offer to our clients. And it’s in these details; the guidance and especially the “hand holding” that our clients say make all the difference.

This guidance and ownership of direction continues throughout the design and specification process and ultimately through the construction and build phase. Reviewing and re-reviewing drawings and specifications to make sure that “what looks good on paper”- ACTUALLY looks good in your home!

Producing a project with superior craftsmanship is paramount, but also communicating with our clients through weekly site meetings, video and streaming cameras to show progress and process all throughout and communicating and documenting schedules on elements like Google docs- are truly the way to make sure that our clients are in the loop at all times.

Bringing the project home and complete through punch list sign-offs is perhaps another way that we differ from other firms. Ensuring that the details are complete is the project. 99% isn't good enough for us. 100% is what we strive for because that is what you expect.


Lastly, the follow up and service.

For us it’s a two-fold motivation to service our client’s homes long after the final payments are made. One, there is no easier way to keep great clients and gain new clients than to offer the service of elements, no matter how small. But two and perhaps more importantly, is what the projects say about our work and craftsmanship. Sure, a new puppy can chew through some pretty expensive base moldings- but it’s our job to stay in touch with our clients and service their homes long after the project is complete.


A true turn-key, cradle to college approach to a renovation. Because a renovation is as much about the creative and artisan-ship as it is the relationship of those you are hiring for the work.

Our entire team understands that.

                                              All of this probably sounds completely logical, because it is. And we include it all with one additional bonus...